Hickok & Boardman Receives Accredited Engaged Organization Award

Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence proudly announces they have just received the Accredited Engaged Organization Award for the actions they have taken to improve engagement in their business. The Accredited Engaged Organization Award is independently verified and awarded by Engagement Multiplier – a global leader in improving employee engagement in the workplace.  To qualify for the award, companies must demonstrate they have implemented a process to robustly measure employee engagement levels every 90 days and have a system to take action on the feedback. Companies must provide a permanent structure and mechanism for employees to confidentially and anonymously share their views, supported by a commitment by leadership to improve engagement levels. Organizations achieving this award must successfully score as Engaged in two quarters in a 12-month period with a minimum of 50% participation rate.

Michael Kilfoyle, Principal, commented saying “I am immensely proud of our company’s achievement and commitment to creating an environment of engagement for the benefit of our team, our customers and others that come into contact with our business.  Having a system and process in place for regularly and predictably measuring engagement  is making our firm more successful on every level.  It’s every business owner’s dream to work with an engaged team and we are delighted to receive an award that recognizes our ongoing commitment to engagement and acknowledges our company’s success.”