Employee Financial Wellness

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SMARTMap® Financial Wellness

Our SMARTMap® Financial Wellness Program helps lay the groundwork by building healthy habits with their financial goals in mind – so your employees can stay focused, happy, and productive, instead of stressed with their finances.

You dictate the level of support your employees receive—from financial literacy to on-going advice. We can work with you to determine what is best for your unique demographic.

We work with you

Define Financial Wellness Goals & Objectives

We work with you to create goals that are specific to your employees.


Identify Financial Wellness Topics

By analyzing data, we can pinpoint topics that are most relevant to your workforce.


Optimize Engagement

Our team will work with you every step of the way on engagement strategies unique to your organization’s demographic.


Measure Progress & Success

Through reporting, we can track results and adjust our strategies as needed.


Comprehensive and Personalized Services for EVERY Employee

Our Financial Advocates are there to help every step of the way.

Financial Literacy

DISCOVER what your retirement plan has to offer and the basics of personal finance. This is a safe space to improve your day-to-day money management, build good habits, and take charge of your finances.

Foundational Planning

DESIGN your foundation to build your wealth. Receive tailored recommendations to help you reach your financial goals beyond the retirement plan and basic money management. This is where you can begin to build goals-based financial sustainability.

Ongoing Advice

DEEP-DIVE into advanced strategies that enable you to protect and continue to grow your assets. Leverage more out-of-the-box wealth-building opportunities and savings vehicles to help you prepare for long-term financial success.

Our Financial Advocates

A key element of the success of SMARTMap is that your employees have access to our Financial Advocates across all levels of support.

Our FA’s are available:

  • 7 AM – 7 PM (all time zones)
  • On various channels (live chat, email, phone)

Our FA’s are:

  • Licensed (Series 6, 7, 65, 66)
  • Bi-lingual (English & Spanish)

Our FA’s provide:

  • 100% unbiased guidance and advice
  • Resources on financial topics

Financial Education and Employee Engagement

We recognize the importance of customizing an employee’s journey and desire for independence, so we built financial education and engagement strategies for all learning styles.


  • Gamified Education
  • Online Financial Education Center
  • Video Tutorials
  • Market recaps
  • Financial Calculators

Personalized Support

  • Access to Financial Advocates
  • Educational Webinars
  • Financial Workshops
  • Individual Consultations
  • Live Chat

Engaging Technology

It’s easy to get started with our SMARTMap® Incentive app. Users simply enter their age and income, and Incentive generates a target plan, including various areas of financial importance such as:

Emergency Savings

  • 3-6 months’ of income

Budgeting On Track / Off Track

  • 50% Essential expenses
  • 15% Retirement savings
  • 5% Other savings

Life Insurance

  • 5-10x annual income

Debt Management

  • <36% annual income

Retirement On Track / Off Track
Salary in savings by age

  • 30-1x
  • 40-3x
  • 50-6x
  • 60-8x
  • 67-10x

Foundational Planning

For those with more complex planning needs looking to take a deeper dive into their financial picture, our Financial Advocates are here to help.

We’ll work with your employees to build a personal Foundational Plan by:

  • Analyzing their current financial situation using SMARTMap data
  • Discussing their goals for the future
  • Accounting for unique life events
  • Reviewing and updating their plan as needed

Portfolio Advisory Services

Portfolio Advisory Services can provide employees with tailored savings and investing advice to help them decide how much to save, when to retire, when to start collecting Social Security, and build custom Managed Portfolios.

With more complex data points, Portfolio Advisory Services accounts can offer expanded recommendations that may create advantages over typical Target and Risk-based models.

The Advantages of Customized Advice

Increased Savings Rates

After receiving guidance with a managed account service, 87% of participants increased their savings rates.

More-appropriate Portfolios

Participating in a managed accounts service resulted in more-appropriate portfolio risk levels for participants, with higher quality funds and better hypothetical performance.

More Wealth at Retirement

Assuming an annual fee of 0.40%, the average 30-year old participant could have almost 56% more annual retirement income.


Our team of experts are here for you.


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