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a smarter workforce

Behind the scenes, specialized HR support

Strategic Services

  • Organizational Design
  • Project Management
  • Engaged Employees
  • Improved Performance
  • Leadership Development
  • Compensation Benchmarking


From application to retirement,
by leveraging our technology team
we will help you elevate your HR
technology strategy.

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Employee Benefits

The modern-day workforce now spans multiple generations which demands benefits that are personalized, flexible and sometimes digital – we can help your organization define a benefits philosophy that makes you stand out.

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Asset Protection Group

Being attentive to your specific needs with one-on-one support, our mission is to inspire you to achieve financial success.

  • Retirement Plan Services
  • Investment Intelligence
  • Passion for the Participant
  • Attentive Plan Design
  • Fiduciary Documentation

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Customized training to expand the capacity of individuals to perform in their roles and deliver business results. Programs designed to improve performance of individuals and the organization.

  • Professionally Certified Training
    & Instruction
  • Training for Managers & Supervisors
  • Training for Employees
  • HR Compliance Training

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Human resources compliance

HR Compliance

As rules, regulations and employers continue to evolve, companies are faced with the challenge of staying-up-to date on multiple State and Federal laws affecting their everyday business.

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