Bill Allen

Life Insurance Director

Bill Allen has been a Life insurance agent since September of 1987 in the State of Vermont. He has a broad knowledge base plus a historical perspective of the insurance industry and trends which he uses to advise clients. He has worked with start-up companies that are now household names in Vermont as well as companies that have been in business for generations.
You will enjoy his consultative approach. Bill is active in the community as a coach, and a volunteer in the Non-Profit sector, serving on numerous boards including the Make A Wish Foundation, The Vermont Children’s Trust Fund, Forever Young Treehouses, Shelburne Little League and The Classic Mike Loyer Foundation.

The starting point for any business planning is figuring out what you have. Understanding the value of your business interest will help guide what buy-sell terms are needed and prepare you for estate planning. To learn more, visit the Asset Protection Group area.

Direct: 802-488-8717