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Compensation & Classification Support

Do your compensation plans align with your business strategy and drive success for the organization? Whether you need assistance with new hire offer analysis, pay-for-performance guidance or training and education, Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence consultants and analysts will work closely with you to review, plan, design, and implement customized solutions to help your organization be a leading workplace. 

Compensation Strategy & Program Development 

We help you identify key organizational values and goals as the foundation of your compensation philosophy. Our consultants will work with you to define a clear and concise compensation strategy based on business needs and objectives. Create a compensation program that aligns pay and total rewards with business strategy, culture, and resources. 


Job Analysis & Benchmarking 

Performing a job analysis and benchmarking involves collecting and examining your organization’s current position information (such as organization charts and job descriptions) as well as interviewing leadership or jobholders.  The position data we collect guides our compensation market analysis, design of salary structures, and ensures you are making decisions based on relevant and accurate job information.  Our team’s expertise allows us to effectively leverage analytics to help you shape strategy, refine that strategy and evaluate success over time. 


Custom Market Analysis

We have extensive experience analyzing and advising on classification and compensation systems within large, complex, private, and public-sector organizations.  Our consultants have access to a full suite of compensation tools, including a proprietary database with compensation market ranges for more than 5,000 benchmark jobs.  Leveraging our access to these compensation tools allows us to analyze your organization’s current positions within relevant labor markets. We provide a detailed summary report and can age the data to assist with your future budget planning.


Salary Structure Audit & Design

Developing and maintaining current salary structures for your organization is critical to ensuring externally competitive and internally fair pay programs. Using relevant market data and your organization’s compensation strategy we can: 

  • Review current salary structures and highlight gaps to market and pay compression issues
  • Update current salary structures to reflect new market rates or job moves within current grades
  • Create new market-competitive and internally equitable salary structures
  • Conduct cost impact analysis

Internal Pay Equity Analysis

Effective compensation design balances internal pay equity with external competitiveness. We provide a comprehensive summary of your organization's internal pay parity to highlight inconsistencies across employee groups.


Total Rewards Analysis

Total Rewards is everything an employer provides and employee in exchange for working. A total rewards strategy combines compensation and benefits with personal growth opportunities within a motivated work environment. We combine the expertise of our compensation, employee benefits and workforce engagement team to assist you in the analysis and planning of a total rewards strategy that drives employee engagement and meets your organizational objectives.




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