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Workforce Engagement

Workplace Wellness is more than implementing programs focused on employee health management. High performing organizations recognize that leadership, communication, stress management and work-life balance are areas that need to be addressed to create a truly well organization. At Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence, we are your strategic business partner, helping our clients build well cultures where employees are passionate, energized and engaged in their work and their lives. These employees are more productive, healthy and drive innovation which is good for business growth and sustainability. Organizational wellness as a strategic business goal is a key component for containing costs - costs directly associated with health care spending as well as less visible costs such as lost productivity and low employee engagement. We are poised to empower clients with the latest cost containment strategies, including:

  • Leveraging benefit captives
  • Private exchange/defined contribution models
  • Price transparency and health advocacy tools
  • Telemedicine and onsite/near site health clinics

With our wellness approach we’re helping build a smarter workforce.


Director of Workforce Engagement


Maribeth joined Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence in 2016, and serves as the Director of Workforce Engagement, working with employers at every stage of...

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