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Training & Development: Services and Tools

Education and training play a key role in creating a smarter workforce. We believe education for your HR staff, your Managers and Supervisors, and your employees creates an environment of continuous learning, organizational growth and a reflection of an employer’s commitment to your employee’s professional and personal growth. Companies devoted to being learning organizations can improve their culture, collective knowledge, and their differentiation and performance in the marketplace.


We provide on-site training and e-learning tools that can be developed based on budget, initiatives, and desired results. Training is available for the following roles and a more complete list of training options can be found on our website here.

  • HR Staff
  • Manager and Supervisors
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Employees

In today's organizations there are more challenges and changes in worker needs that are becoming ever more challenging, and effective leaders are utilizing new skills to help move their organizations forward. To help organizations with these challenges and changes, we have developed a Leadership Development Series. Some of the courses we offer include:

  • Managing Difficult Conversations in the Workplace
  • Managing Employee Performance through Coaching
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Balancing Demands of a Multi-generational Workforce

To read more about these offerings, as well as others, please click here .


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