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Strategic HR Services


Strategic HR Services

Not all organizations have or need full-time HR expertise in all facets of HR, however changing labor market conditions and new business thinking call for nimble and innovative HR business strategies to ensure that employee programs are developed and implemented to engage the workforce, enable productivity, and drive strategic business results. 


To support you in recruiting, engaging, developing and retaining the best talent, we provide HR Business Partner services for high-level strategic and day-to-day tactical support needs. In addition to providing specific HR solutions – training, policies, processes – we will design and partner with you to implement complex comprehensive programs for managing and supporting your employees to meet organizational objectives. Below is an outline of some of the services now available – this is by no means all-inclusive. 


Organizational Development and Strategic Planning   

A step-by-step approach to identify aspects of work flow, procedures, systems and structures to identify opportunities for improvement.  This process offers a clear strategy for you to manage and optimize your workforce to achieve organizational objectives.

  • Manage your organizational restructuring
    • Redefine job levels and competencies
    • Personnel realignment and execution support
    • Severance policy and agreements

Talent Acquisition

Develop or refine a strategic process to attract, source, recruit and hire the best talent for your organization. 

  • Audit your hiring data and processes:
    • Determine which jobs are open and when
    • Develop referral processes and networks
    • Update job descriptions and postings – capitalizing on your employer brand
    • Determine where to post jobs to source the best candidates
    • Ensure you create an amazing candidate experience
    • Make sure your processes are compliant
    • Build and implement an engaging onboarding program

Compensation & Benefits Strategy and Structures  

Develop or refine an effective total rewards strategy to motivate current employees and use as a tool to attract new talent.

  • Develop competitive salary ranges and structures to match all job descriptions
  • Conduct a salary audit to ensure pay ranges reflect current compensation trends, regional labor market or industry specific nuances
  • Review your benefits package to be competitive with health, wellness and other benefits, understanding that this can be the deciding factor for an external job candidate or an internal employee considering leaving your organization

Employee Engagement Programs  

Help your employees be effective and more successful - and keep them.

  • Provide clear organizational purpose – develop or redefine your mission, vision, values to be relevant to your current objectives and relevant for your employees
  • Provide clear roles – ensure talent and responsibilities are well matched to provide both a challenge and to set the employee up for success; help them see their career growth in the future of the organization
  • Provide opportunities for employee development – develop technical and leadership paths with clear steps for attainment
  • Provide clear processes – take the time to ensure that there are systems and processes in place, which make sense and are well communicated to employees

Performance Management System  

Develop or redefine how to communicate the processes to plan, discuss, review and modify employee work objectives and overall contribution to the organization. 

  • Develop