Insights from Lori Smith, Director of Organizational Wellness

By Lori Smith

Today, a great deal of discussion is happening in the world of workplace wellness. Traditional approaches to wellness have been challenged on their effectiveness to control health costs and motivate behavior change. With all the rhetoric, one thing is certain, the face is wellness is changing. With all this change, there is great confusion and many questions.

Health is complex and the definition of health continues to evolve.  It is clearly evident that life and work are not the same as they were a decade ago. For this reason, wellness has been shifting to adapt to this new reality. There is no cookie- cutter approach to wellness success but wellness professionals have the unique opportunity to present what has worked well in the past  combined with new approaches based in science and research. It is my belief that wellness is not fading away but growing with new ideas and strategies to address health, wellbeing and engagement.

Over the next few months, I will be addressing where I believe the field of wellness is emerging. Look for blogs, links and our April 22nd seminar, Wellness is Here to Stay: New Strategies to Address Health, Wellbeing and Engagement  to learn tips and tools relevant for  for the times.