HR Tech: Employee Navigator

By Doreen Dartez, VP of Consulting at RevTech Consulting

As you likely already know, Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence offers a benefits administration and enrollment solution to support our clients.  We made the investment in this platform, Employee Navigator, to improve your processes, your HR Tech ecosystem, and your day-to-day lives in HR and Benefits! So why would you want to consider Employee Navigator as a solution for your organization? The answer to that question, and why we chose this solution over others to support your organization is as follows.

Let’s start with the basics.  We know that accuracy improves when employers automate processes, which certainly includes when they digitize benefits administration.  If you are managing paper or manual enrollment, we can likely all agree that there is risk due to human error.  We also know that paper or manual enrollment could lend to complications with reconciling the billing from carriers.  Then there is the topic of compliance certainly improving when employers digitize benefits administration. When you leverage benefits technology, you have easy access and proof regarding when coverage was elected or waived.  And you greatly reduce risk of employee not having coverage that they elected properly…or perhaps thought they elected.

Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence’s partnership with Employee Navigator also allows us to deliver an increased level of support for all size employers. H&B will have full access and control of the platform, which gives you another administrative resource, certainly at a fraction of the cost of hiring one.  As HR departments continue to run lean, having our team manage this for you can be very meaningful. With the focus of all of our resources at H&B HRIQ on one main platform for the client base, you can leverage the efficiencies from that expertise!

Next is the matter of communicating enrollments and changes to the carriers.  As you may know, smaller employers are traditionally not eligible for electronic data feeds to carriers, as they traditionally require approximately 100 eligible employees on these carrier file feeds (also knows as EDI feeds or 834 file feeds).  However, by offering Employee Navigator, our smaller employer clients can now enjoy this automation and accuracy, as Employee Navigator has integration “status” to file electronically with several carriers, regardless of the size of your organization. This definitely was a part of the decision in choosing this platform vs. others to support our clients.

Additionally, Employee Navigator has pre-built integration with ADP, Proliant, Paylocity, PrimePay, Paycor, and iSolved, in addition to a few boutique providers; and Alliance, Heartland, Asure and Dominion Systems were recently added to the list. Employee Navigator has integration with more HCM/Payroll providers than other benefits administration platforms, giving your organization the ability to maintain an integrated HR tech ecosystem with the flexibility to change providers if needed.  If you do leverage one of these integrated payroll or HCM partners, and you would like to deploy the pre-built integration, there will be no need to hire employees in two platforms, or ensure that benefit deductions match in payroll.  Certainly, this is ideal, however if you do not leverage one of these providers, or you are not ready to leverage the integration H&B HRIQ is here to support you to make sure the technology maintains updated new hires and accurate benefits data. And finally, if you need our help in determining the best fit HCM provider for your needs, that integrates with Employee Navigator, we are happy to consult on that topic.

We would be delighted to show you how Employee Navigator works.  We can walk you through the employee enrollment experience and show you how the employee can log in at any time, view their benefits summary, and the cost of each benefit, and total cost per pay period. Additionally, If you prefer to use the administrative access, in addition to leveraging your H&B team, you can log in to run various standard reports, build reports, and access census data. Please reach out to your partners at Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence to discuss Employee Navigator or review a brief demonstration.