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Career Transition Coaching: Page 2 of 2

  • a clear understanding of the newly created positions and how one’s skill set can be transitioned. We coach and support the employee how to construct a resume that best fits their transferable skills.
  • INTERVIEWING: We teach all the essentials of effective interviewing as well as provide practice interviews and helpful critiques.
  • COACHING: The employee is coached on issues like motivation, support and review of networking, interviewing, and other job seeking activities.  The resume may need to be refocused for different employers.
  • MARKETING ONESELF: We coach the employee how to best present and sell oneself whether it is for developing a network, designing their own business, assembling a portfolio, or interviewing.
  • NEGOTIATING: We help the client to understand what aspects of a position and benefits can be negotiated.  We assist the client to define and think through their needs for a new position and how to effectively approach a potential employer.


Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors and Managers


Course length: 120 min

Audience: DOT Supervisors / Managers




Substance abuse is a direct threat to workplace safety, and the transportation industry is one of the most vulnerable. In addition to being required by federal law, this training will give supervisors and managers practical reasonable suspicion intervention techniques, including tips for confronting employee and scenarios that require them to respond to real life situations that occur in the workplace.

 This training will enable Supervisors / Managers to:

  • Recognize the signs, symptoms, and indicators of substance abuse in the workplace
  • Identify, document, and manage the reasonable suspicion testing process
  • Comply with federal DOT training guidelines

For more information on the Career Transition Packages or the Reasonable Suspicion Training, please email Karin Tierney at ktierney@hbhriq.com or call her directly at 802.391.0445. 


Employee Assitance Programs through Workplace Solutions


15% of employees in the work force suffer from problems that directly affect their work performance. This happens in the case of substance abuse, marital and family issues, emotional stress, concerns about job security, conflict at work, or unattended legal and financial difficulties.


An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a proven, cost-effective, confidential program addressing employee problems before they affect productivity or disrupt the workplace. For more information, please visit the website.



Posted by Greg Paradiso | Tue, September 15

Much has been said the past two years about expected growth in the use of private benefit exchanges.  These were envisioned and used prior to the ACA and introduction of public health exchanges but have now taken hold and are on the rise.

To be clear on the meaning, a private benefit exchange (PBE) is simply an online marketplace where employees can choose from a wide array of medical, dental, life, disability and voluntary benefits.   A private exchange is usually offered by an employer as a convenient, economical way for employees to choose benefit plans and employers to pay for...

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