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BioTek is Looking for Teams to participate in the 'Pulling for Hope' American Cancer Society Event

Jun 24, 2016

Discover your true strength in the fight against cancer by pulling a 757 FedEx aircraft!

Join us for a challenging game of tug of war with an actual plane.  In partnership with FedEx, Burlington International Airport and Heritage Aviation, teams of 25 will be tasked with pulling a 757 aircraft 24 feet and the team with the fastest time wins! 

Build camaraderie among employees, colleagues, students, family, and friends while raising funds for the American Cancer Society. Age limit is 10 years old and all participants must sign waivers.

There is only have space for 20 teams to participate, so sign up now. Each team of up to 25 members must raise or donate a minimum $100 per person or $2,500 total as a team in order to participate.

For Pulling For Hope main page go to: http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR/CommunityFundraisingPages/CFPCY16NE?pg=entry&fr_id=78436 There you can view top teams and participants, track what we have raised and get great fundraising ideas such as:

  • Personalize your individual and/or team fundraising Web page with photos, a video, and stories.
  • Send emails through your Fundraising Dashboard encouraging everyone you know to join your team or support you with a donation. Be sure to clearly explain how their donations will help the American Cancer Society make a difference. (You can create your own email message or use one of the sample email templates provided.)
  • Ask friends on Facebook & Twitter to support your fundraising effort (don’t forget to include a direct link to your personal fundraising page) and/or start a team where they work to challenge our team at the event!


Be creative, have fun, and ask everyone you know or meet to donate to help support your effort. The number-one reason people donate is because someone asked them!