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2021 Employee Benefits Survey Results Now In

Since 2001, Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence has conducted an annual survey of Vermont area employers, capturing their thoughts and actions as they respond to the ever-changing benefits marketplace, and we’re pleased to announce that the 2021 Survey Results are now available. As the marketplace is ever-changing, so is our survey, with this year having questions on ICHRA's, as well as new questions in the Leave Policy and Remote Working sections. See below for how to download the survey. 

The Most Comprehensive Human Resource Data in Vermont

The Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence Employee Benefits Survey captures detailed data on a number of topics so that HR professionals can compare industry norms and benchmark their own benefits plan and HR practices to remain competitive in attracting and retaining the best talent. It is the most comprehensive data set of its kind in Vermont and can help an employer of any size in managing their talent. For a customized benchmarking report, please contact Stacey Sharp through the form on the right.

Who Can Download the Survey?

Any verified employer in Vermont may download the survey results, but only those who participated in it may do so for free. For those employers that didn’t participate, they can still receive the results, but there is a cost of $300 to do so.

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Why Did We Create this Benefits & Workplace Survey?

We started this survey in 2001 after recognizing the marketplace was void of useful employee benefit and HR data for employers to act upon. The survey has grown substantially over the years, both in participation and data, so that now Vermont employers can make informed choices in their approach to HR and benefit strategy and, ultimately, how to best attract and retain employees while keeping costs in line.

How We Rose to the Challenge

Providing data is one thing, but offering the insights into the data is what our firm does best. Since the survey’s inception we have not only offered the survey results, but provide an inside look into the data to identify trends, gaps and changes in the marketplace. Our firm regularly speaks on the survey data in different venues across the State of Vermont. For more information on detailed insights of this year’s results, please contact Stacey Sharp in the box to the right.

Benefits to HR Professionals

As culture keepers, HR professionals are constantly striving to create the best working environments for the employees of their organizations. Part of this is to make sure their workplace practices and the benefits they offer to employees are competitive so that they are an employer of choice. By using the results of the VT Employee Benefits Survey, HR professionals can know where their organization stands compared to their peers and the marketplace. In doing so, they can find and keep the talent that will help their organization thrive.