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Posted by Maribeth Spellman | Mon, September 25
Mobile Professionals. Digital Nomads. Technomads. E-workers.  These are some of the terms used to describe the current way many workers engage in work.  Well beyond the traditional, regularly... » read more
Posted by Anonymous | Mon, September 25
Voluntary benefits have never been more popular and that’s no surprise to benefits professionals.  In a group health era characterized by high premiums, high deductibles and high health care costs,... » read more
Posted by Brenda Sabin | Mon, September 25
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is alive and well and the IRS has stated it is now starting to send those penalty letters to employers for non-compliance. The IRS is currently reviewing the 2015 and... » read more
Posted by Alacia Mann | Mon, July 10
HR Technology Advisors conducted a nationwide HR, Benefits and Payroll Technology survey earlier this year and discovered that adoption of HR Technology is on the rise for employers of all sizes and... » read more
Posted by Brenda Sabin | Thu, June 29
As a general rule, wellness incentives are subject to the same federal tax rules as any other employee reward or prize. They are generally taxable. The IRS has no specific exemption for wellness... » read more
Posted by Maribeth Spellman | Thu, June 29
Have you ever observed, or if lucky, been a part of, an organization that is engaging, productive and innovative? Have you ever wondered what the common thread is – what is the element in these... » read more
Posted by Anonymous | Thu, June 29
Aflac survey reveals employees want new and diverse perks All’s fair in love and war, as the saying goes. But on the employment battlefield, there’s another arena where all is fair: in the battle for... » read more
Posted by Stacey Sharp | Mon, April 10
Each newsletter our experts cover a wide array of topics. This month's newsletter discusses performance management, paid family leave, an article on millenials and our upcoming events.  If there are... » read more
Posted by Brenda Sabin | Tue, March 28
Both the Senate and the House have put forth legislative bills relating to paid family leave din Vermont.  The House Bill has been discussed and is currently in committee hearings. The basics of both... » read more
Posted by Michael Kilfoyle | Tue, March 28
There is a lot of talk right now about millenials and their impact on the workplace.  You’ve probably heard the major stat that millenials will make up more than 50% of the workforce by 2020.  And no... » read more