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Posted by Michael Kilfoyle | Wed, December 26
A few of my teammates and I recently celebrated the impending retirement of David Sichel, a long-time employee of the Vermont League of Cities and Towns.  Dave has one of the brightest minds in our... » read more
Posted by Karin Tierney | Fri, December 21
In the United States, education is key to economic prosperity. 85% of adults with a college degree earn $65k/year compared to $35k/year for those with only a high school education. 80% of parents see... » read more
Posted by Audrey Phillips | Fri, December 21
It’s no secret that Vermont has developed a workforce shortage over the past few years. Studies show that there is an 11,000-person gap in what the state needs to add each year to maintain a stable... » read more
Posted by Brenda Sabin | Wed, December 19
As most health plans incorporate telemedicine into their group medical plan, the compliance requirements are generally outlined through their plan documents.  However, for those offering telemedicine... » read more
Posted by Maribeth Spellman | Wed, December 19
I remember dodgeball – and I remember I didn’t like it much.  Lined up with other “victims”, a brick wall at our backs, as other preteen kids tried to pelt us with “soft” rubber balls. So, when the... » read more
Posted by Anonymous | Thu, October 11
Each newsletter our experts cover a wide array of topics. This month's newsletter discusses overuse of health care services, more changes coming from the IRS, tips for hiring the right people, and... » read more
Posted by Karin Tierney | Fri, September 21
Most people would agree that the onboarding process for new hires is a crucial step to ensure a successful start for employees. An exceptional onboarding experience helps the new employee understand... » read more
Posted by Karin Tierney | Fri, September 21
I am probably not the first person to tell you to take sufficient time to be exceptionally selective about who you hire. This is something that is often easier said than done, especially when facing... » read more
Posted by Brenda Sabin | Tue, September 18
The IRS has been busy this past year! Not only have they sent numerous ACA Employer Shared Responsibility Payment Letters (aka Penalty Letters) for 2015, with the 2016 letters just now being released... » read more
Posted by Maribeth Spellman | Tue, September 18
Several years ago, a family member was suffering from persistent headaches and nerve pain radiating through one side of her head, face and neck. She underwent a battery of tests, including a CT scan... » read more