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HR Intelligence Blog

Posted by Greg Paradiso | Mon, July 28
My last blog discussed what is meant by cloud-based computing.  The basic definition of cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a remote service rather than a nearby installed product.  The... » read more
Posted by Greg Paradiso | Wed, July 16
Does my data really ascend into the clouds?  Are there really computers up there?  The answer is no.  There is no NSA-run secret storage area that is hidden in the clouds or circles the earth.  Cloud... » read more
Posted by Mike Sacco | Mon, June 16
I don’t know what the etiquette is regarding “re-blogging” but if it’s allowed (or not) I want to pass this along with my HR Technology slant.  On HBR (Harvard Business Review) Blog Network, March 13... » read more
Posted by Lori Smith | Mon, June 16
The word culture as it pertains to an organization has been a hot topic for many business experts in recent years. Though many definitions of culture exist, anthropologists state that societies that... » read more
Posted by Mike Sacco | Mon, June 02
As I started to read my HR Magazine (published by SHRM) for March 2014, I took a moment to read the monthly CEO’s message on page 10 written by Henry G. Jackson entitled “Becoming Employers of Choice... » read more
Posted by Mike Sacco | Thu, May 29
Payroll and HR Technology and Organizational Culture connected, who knew? I think there’s a pretty good argument for those two elements to be critically connected.  See what you think. Recently I was... » read more
Posted by Mike Sacco | Mon, May 05
A Forbes article that I caught from a LinkedIn group is titled “The 9 Hottest Trends in HR Technology … And Many Are Disruptive”, Bersin, Josh, 10/21/2013. You should be able to find it and read it... » read more
Posted by Mike Sacco | Mon, April 21
I attended an all-day session sponsored by the Vermont Human Resource Association (http://www.vthra.org) that was themed around recruitment and talent management topics.  As was no surprise, it... » read more
Posted by Lori Smith | Thu, April 10
Wellness, like health care, is under reform.  In essence, a paradigm shift is occurring where employee engagement is becoming the centerpiece of wellness efforts and innovation and productivity are... » read more
Posted by Mike Sacco | Thu, April 10
First of all I want to give complete credit for this Blog post to Harvard business Review and in particular to their HBR Blog Network article addressing Human Resource Analytics (which can be found... » read more