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Posted by Karin Tierney | Mon, March 30
At a time when more and more positions require duties to be carried out almost exclusively on computers, and with the internet to instantly connect anyone anywhere, many employers are offering the... » read more
Posted by Anonymous | Sun, March 01
This short video contains tips on how to eat healthier while on a budget as well as foods to eat to induce better and higher quality sleep.  
Posted by Stacey Sharp | Sat, February 01
This short video discusses heart disease as well the importance of ergonomics.
Posted by Stacey Sharp | Wed, January 01
This short video discusses how to achieve your resolutions using the SMART method as well as facts regarding blood donation and how to find out if you are eligible for donating. 
Posted by Michelina Covey | Wed, December 18
  Just when you thought you had everything figured out, the new Form W-4 makes an appearance to kick off 2020.  Why the change?  What does this mean? Are you ready for the change? Let’s start with “... » read more
Posted by Karin Tierney | Wed, December 18
  A successful HR Tech Strategy considers the short-and long-term goals of the organization, along with any departmental objectives. Once these are understood, establish priorities and deliverables.... » read more
Posted by Maribeth Spellman | Wed, December 18
Several years ago, I was working for an organization when tragedy struck – an employee was murdered by a client, and the event was witnessed by numerous coworkers.  It was a devastating event, that... » read more
Posted by Michael Kilfoyle | Wed, December 18
  So you’ve got to get that MRI.  Or that knee replacement.  Or that cataract surgery.  Or even just some lab work.  And as a good health care consumer you’re ready to go out and shop for the best... » read more
Posted by Karin Tierney | Wed, December 18
  As we make our way through the end of Q4 of 2019, it is a time of hustle and bustle. It is a time to reflect on our organizational challenges and successes, and for many of us that means year-end... » read more
Posted by Karin Tierney | Thu, October 24
Increasingly, organizations and their top leaders are coming around to the recognition that they must employ managers who are strong people leaders. I direct your attention to any situation where... » read more