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This Year’s Open Enrollment Can Springboard Your HR Tech Wishlist Forward: Page 2 of 2

  • terms outside of benefits.
  • If you incorporate a math equation to explain costs, keep it simple.
  • When leveraging technology, customize verbiage whenever possible.
  • Is the material or solution engaging, with visuals, graphs, interactive features or videos?

Keep in mind that due to this year’s emotional and financial stresses related to COVID-19, employees may very well have a renewed interest in learning more about benefits, which is certainly a plus.

As you leverage the tools you have, or were able to adopt quickly, keep track of manual processes you are using for Open Enrollment, Life Events, billing, communication to employees, and other related tasks.  If your organization has not been able to migrate away from a paper enrollment, there has never been a more compelling reason to consider digitizing.  Keep in mind that the Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence team is happy to connect, discuss the HR Tech Market, or guide you through a careful provider selection process.