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What is a Recruitment Module?

Looking for a new HRIS or just purchased one?  Chances are you’re interested in the Recruitment module as a way to automate, streamline, accelerate and improve the quality outcomes of your recruitment process.  There is no single answer to what’s in a recruitment module but here is what you should look for depending on your needs:

  1. Applicant Tracking – This is the most fundamental tool allowing recruiters to monitor searches and candidates through all stages of recruitment.
  2. Appointment Scheduling – A recruitment system can sync to personal calendars to automate and eliminate a very manual and time consuming part of the recruitment process.
  3. Integration with Careers Page – Most companies have a Careers Page on their corporate website.  If you purchase a recruitment module, you do not want this to be separate from the Careers Page requiring two different processes.  Ideally the recruitment module is substituted for the Careers Page and is accessed directly from the corporate website.
  4. Ability to Data Mine Resume Database – Prior to beginning a search, the module can search your existing database of resumes for keywords and qualified candidates.
  5. Candidate Screening Questions – Before completing a submission to a job opening, the candidate can be asked customized questions on specific skills and years of experience.  When minimum standards are set, this can narrow the field to only qualified candidates.
  6. Links to Social Media – A social sharing tool allows postings to be advertised with selected social media sites.  Some software can even search social media for qualified candidates. 

NOTE:  Some content stems from two recent HRMS World articles by Dave Foxtall