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Web Mining for Talent

I attended an all-day session sponsored by the Vermont Human Resource Association ( http://www.vthra.org) that was themed around recruitment and talent management topics.  As was no surprise, it quickly became centered on the use of the various social media resources to mine data on potential candidates as well as give recruiters a quick sense of a candidate’s character, talents, and their comfort with technology for instance.  Every speaker during the day-long session revisited the positive aspects of social media and useful data available on individuals and corporations that is accessible on the internet through both simple and more advanced search functions.  So, I was wondering, do you have a LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, or Instagram presence or profile?  In my case, as an example, my LinkdedIn public profile is http://www.linkedin.com/pub/mike-sacco/4/370/282/ (and please accept my invitation to take a look at it and let me know what you think).  I use that presence to provide visibility for my own and my employer’s capabilities and to connect to colleagues, peers, friends, classmates, and family on a professional level.  I also use the LinkedIn Groups for expansion of my dialogue within my areas of expertise and I use the LinkedIn “influencers” as well as its many news resources for timely information in the broader aspects of my specific interests.  The VHRA workshop certainly provided me with some thoughts about the use of social media that I hadn’t been spending a lot of time pondering but that I think were valuable.  And, the two representatives from LinkedIn who spoke impressed me with the growth of professional social networking (2.8 MM LinkedIn members and the addition of one every 2 seconds) and with their innovative approach to their endeavors ( www.linkedinlabs.com) including a special site for “hacking” new apps for their own service.  How are you using social media in your business these days?