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The Value of Informed, Consistent Talent Management

I don’t know what the etiquette is regarding “re-blogging” but if it’s allowed (or not) I want to pass this along with my HR Technology slant.  On HBR (Harvard Business Review) Blog Network, March 13, 2014, Randall Beck and James Harter shared a bit of talent management information gleaned from Gallup.  It goes like this, “ … companies fail to choose the candidate with the right talent for the job 82% of the time.”  What job? , you may be asking.  The job they are talking about is that of manager.  They go on to state that bad managers cost billions of dollars annually due to their inability to engage their teams (which is based upon data on engagement compiled by Gallup).  The lack of engagement manifests itself in several critical areas including poor performance, accidents on the job, absenteeism, pilferage, poor quality, waste, low productivity, and negative organizational culture.

So, how do you think I see this connected to HRIS Technology?  Well, in the simplest terms, consistent, visible, practical, accountable, reportable, searchable talent data that can be readily updated, retrieved, analyzed, and reported into the plan for succession and role development.  What is the ROI for HRIS Technology?  Well, at least one aspect of its ROI is better management that supports engagement of the workforce.

Thanks for tolerating my re-blogging.  I could not have communicated it better myself.