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Technology Newsbyte - Plan Comparison Tools vs. Decision Support

Author: Josh Hoover, Director of Client Relations & Strategic Initiatives, Benefit Technology Resources, Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence Technology Team

Technology Newsbyte – Plan Comparison Tools vs. Decision Support

Let’s talk about the differences between a true benefits administration solution and an enrollment tool. Not all benefits administration solutions are created equally, and we want to break down some of these differences so you’re better equipped to evaluate benefits administration technology.

Most benefits administration systems will tout a “decision support tool;” however, in reality, it’s nothing more than a plan comparison feature that allows you to view a side-by-side chart of a plans’ deductible, out of pocket maximum, etc. True decision support will ask the enrolling individual questions about their utilization of their benefits, such as “How many specialists do you plan to visit in the next calendar year?” or “How many generic prescriptions do you have?”.

These questions help the individual make an educated decision on which plan is best for them and their family based on utilization – and Artificial Intelligence is making great strides in this arena.

True Benefits Administration solutions = Decision Support

Enrollment Tool = Plan Comparison

This doesn’t mean it’s not a true benefits administration solution if it doesn’t offer decision support, but most are developing this technology as market demands put a spotlight on it as something employers want.