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Technology Newsbyte: Building an HR Technology Strategy - Timelines


A successful HR Tech Strategy considers the short-and long-term goals of the organization, along with any departmental objectives. Once these are understood, establish priorities and deliverables. This may be a multi-year plan.
Deadlines for deliverables should be evaluated as you go along, so be flexible. Don’t forget about the time it takes to work with a new HR Tech vendor to implement a technology solution and set realistic expectations with your team. Resource availability is another key component that can have a major impact on your timeline.  

More than once, H&B has seen a client bite off more than they can chew by trying to keep the project cost for a technology implementation down. Using your own team to build, test, train, and implement a new technology solution in addition to regular, full-time responsibilities can stress your people and cause burnout and turnover. Consider the cost benefit ratio of “taking it out of hide” versus staffing up to support the project.

Try to get a “quick win” early on to kick-start the process. For example, an onboarding tool automates and streamlines a very tedious process, setup is fast, and costs are usually quite low–but the ROI can be extremely high. Work with the technology vendor to identify easier pieces of the project to implement and again, be mindful of the timing and schedule!


Authors: Amy Wilson, HR Technology Consultant, Benefit Technology Resources, and Karin Tierney, Director of HR Technology Solutions, Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence Technology Team