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Artificial Intelligence - Friend or Foe?

Posted by Maribeth Spellman | July 08, 2019
Employee Benefits, Wellness & Cost Containment

“If robots do everything what are we going to do?”             - Kindergarten student to Kai-Fu Lee, author of AI Superpowers   I was having coffee with a friend of mine who works in the world of...

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The Runway of an Employee Experience

Posted by Michael Kilfoyle | March 30, 2018
Employee Benefits

One of the HR terms we keep hearing about is the “employee experience” and some are calling 2018 the year of the employee experience.  As the war for talent continues, both understanding and...

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Increase Your Bandwidth

Posted by | December 26, 2017
Employee Benefits, HR Compliance

Increase Your Bandwidth The HR function within an organization can take many shapes and sizes.  From providing tactical day-to-day administrative support, such as processing payroll and benefits...

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Five Ways Technology is Making HR’s Life Easier

Posted by Greg Paradiso | October 28, 2016

Technology is everywhere.  Social media, mobile phones, ATM machines, self-checkout, fit-bits, high-tech cars.  How is HR benefiting in the workplace?  The Forbes Magazine Human Resources Council...

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HR Beware - Project Management is the Key to a Successful System Implementation

Posted by Greg Paradiso | August 22, 2016

Project Management often gets a bad rap.  It’s not fun and sexy.  It’s an unexciting discipline that was perfected by engineers and techies.  But it’s the rigor and detail orientation that can save...

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Study Reports Cloud-Based HR Systems Grow in Popularity

Posted by Greg Paradiso | August 08, 2016

Bloomberg BNA - The increased availability of cloud technology to perform HR processes has greatly benefited the bottom line for HR departments, both for costs and efficiency, according to new...

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Synergy: Financial Wellness and Voluntary Benefits

Posted by Hilary Whitaker | March 29, 2016
Employee Benefits

In recent years, both financial wellness and voluntary benefits have become huge topics within the HR community.  Likely originating with the ACA, benefit cutbacks and cost-shifting have led to...

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Who the heck is this Zenefits and what exactly is it they do?

Posted by Michael Kilfoyle | June 03, 2015
Employee Benefits

Talk about a splash.  Zenefits, a two year old company, has gotten both press and a lot of venture capital dollars for their business that has disrupted the HR and employee benefits marketplace.  ...

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