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HR Technology Marketplace 101

Posted by | October 03, 2017
Employee Benefits

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that employers look to technology to manage complex administrative needs. And of course these needs vary from organization to organization. But for many...

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Where Do You Rank? HR Technology Advisors Survey Results

Posted by | July 10, 2017
Employee Benefits

HR Technology Advisors conducted a nationwide HR, Benefits and Payroll Technology survey earlier this year and discovered that adoption of HR Technology is on the rise for employers of all sizes and...

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3 Myths About HRIS for Small Businesses

Posted by Greg Paradiso | June 24, 2016

Are you responsible for HR in a small business?  When profit margins are tight, an HRIS might be the last thing on your mind.  However, markets have changed and there are now many new, viable...

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What is a Recruitment Module?

Posted by Greg Paradiso | February 23, 2016

Looking for a new HRIS or just purchased one?  Chances are you’re interested in the Recruitment module as a way to automate, streamline, accelerate and improve the quality outcomes of your...

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Pro's and Con's of Integrated vs. Standalone Payroll Systems

Posted by Greg Paradiso | February 20, 2015

There are obvious reasons a system that integrates payroll with HRIS is a preferred option. They share the same base data so there is no conflicting data. There is less work keeping the systems in...

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Technology Survey Reports Lots of HRIS Activity

Posted by Greg Paradiso | January 21, 2015

Just released, the HR, Benefits & Payroll Technology Survey reports high activity in the markets for HR and payroll systems.  The survey is performed by HR Technology Advisors of Wrentham, MA and...

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Benefit System Crucial for ACA/IRS Compliance Requirements

Posted by Greg Paradiso | December 11, 2014

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has numerous requirements for employer reporting that are coming into play for most employers in 2015.  Employers will need ways to track the information necessary to...

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Software-as-a-Service in the Cloud

Posted by Greg Paradiso | July 28, 2014

My last blog discussed what is meant by cloud-based computing.  The basic definition of cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a remote service rather than a nearby installed product.  The...

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The Value of Informed, Consistent Talent Management

Posted by Mike Sacco | June 16, 2014

I don’t know what the etiquette is regarding “re-blogging” but if it’s allowed (or not) I want to pass this along with my HR Technology slant.  On HBR (Harvard Business Review) Blog Network, March 13...

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Talent Management and Technology

Posted by Mike Sacco | June 02, 2014

As I started to read my HR Magazine (published by SHRM) for March 2014, I took a moment to read the monthly CEO’s message on page 10 written by Henry G. Jackson entitled “Becoming Employers of Choice...

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