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HR Systems

With HR Technology, the "User" is More Important than Ever

Posted by Greg Paradiso | December 14, 2015

User Experience (“UX” in tech abbreviation) is now considered one of and maybe the most important criteria when selecting a system and determining its success.  UX means you must consider the...

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HR System Selection? Don't Forget the User!

Posted by Greg Paradiso | March 16, 2015

So much goes into purchasing an HR or Payroll system.   Traditionally, these were run by HR or Payroll Administrators who received extensive training and worked in the systems daily.  But times are...

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Pro's and Con's of Integrated vs. Standalone Payroll Systems

Posted by Greg Paradiso | February 20, 2015

There are obvious reasons a system that integrates payroll with HRIS is a preferred option. They share the same base data so there is no conflicting data. There is less work keeping the systems in...

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Implementing HR Systems with Good Project Management

Posted by Greg Paradiso | January 07, 2015

Project Management often gets a bad rap.  It’s not fun and sexy.  It’s an unexciting discipline that was perfected by engineers and techies.  But it’s the rigor and detail orientation that can save...

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Small Businesses Looking for New HR/Payroll Systems

Posted by Greg Paradiso | October 07, 2014

A recent national survey indicates the interest of small businesses when it comes to purchasing an HR/Payroll system.  Software Advice, an Austin Texas based company, specializes in helping...

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"Plug and Play" with HR/Payroll Systems

Posted by Greg Paradiso | September 24, 2014

In an ideal world, an employer would want the latest technology with the best costs and the best features in an all-in-one integrated system.   Unfortunately, none of us live in an ideal world.  And...

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