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Results Thru Culture

Payroll and HR Technology and Organizational Culture connected, who knew? I think there’s a pretty good argument for those two elements to be critically connected.  See what you think.

Recently I was reading an article in HR Magazine published by SHRM about a firm that created a bit of a turnaround by concentrating efforts on the corporate culture that would fit their employees’ needs for satisfying work and motivate them to create successful outcomes. The article was called “Driving Results Through Culture" and it was written by the Senior VP of HR at Berkshire Property Advisors, Dan Sravinski.  So, think about how these key drivers of human capital behavior at the managerial and individual employee levels can be seen to be enhanced by an automated payroll and HRIS system with self-service, hiring, onboarding, talent management, performance management, information libraries, training events, organizational communication, collaboration, and efficient workflows.

  1. Create a vision of the future

  2. Establish clear goals

  3. Communicate

  4. Utilize core values

  5. Select and develop talent

  6. Empower employees

  7. Maintain a performance orientation

  8. Use teamwork

  9. Be consistent

  10. Focus on value enhancement

  11. Be proactive

  12. Address internal and external needs

  13. Allow work and life balance for employees

By using technology to support a single paperless system for the entire employment life-cycle, details and workflows and organizational human capital management, the individuals can have back the time they need to work intelligently. And by structuring information flow in one comprehensive automated database the availability of information and communication are embedded in the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual cycles with ease of access.  All 13 of these elements above are part of a well implemented HR Technology system.