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Losing Good Job Applicants? Look at Your Hiring Process and HR Technology

Is it possible your company is losing out on good applicants and doesn’t even know it?  The source of the problem may be your job application process if it’s slow to respond or antiquated.  That’s the premise of a recent study reported by SHRM. 

A recent survey of 500 service companies reports that 61% still use a paper-based job application process and 73% take more than a week to review applications and fill hourly positions. These include hotels, restaurants and retail stores.  The best applicants don’t stay on the market long.  And millennials are increasing looking to apply for jobs through the web or their smartphones.  The advantage goes to employers that allow applicants to apply quickly and then responds quickly with a hiring decision.  This is especially true when local economies report unemployment rates below 6% and/or lack critically needed skills in their marketplace.

Many different application technologies exist with varying costs but even a small company looking to get an edge at little or no cost could use Survey Monkey or Google Forms for an more efficient application process.

From the candidate perspective, paper applications require forms to be filled out on on-site.  They are time consuming, low tech and inconvenient as compared to applying online.  In fact, many millennials may not have the patience or desire to complete paper-based job applications.

From an employer perspective, sorting through piles of paper is very laborious.  A web-based system could assist in pre-screening and ranking the best candidates to allow very quick responses and contacting high potential candidates to schedule an interview.  Online job applications also give employers a greater ability to share information about the job duties and relay important information like shifts available and work hours.

Three key factors can promote a good hiring process: 1) make it easy for employees to apply. 2) act quickly to interview high potential employees, and 3) maintain standards to assure high quality hires.  In a highly competitive job market with a shortage of key skills, don’t let your job application process get in the way.