Hickock Boardman Benefits

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Increase Organizational Agility through HR Technology

We realize one of the biggest headaches employers have is complying with all the new requirements imposed by health care reform.  We also realize it is a struggle to comply without the use of technology and standardization of your internal processes.  The benefits of a technology solution are many – ranging from streamlined efficiency, reduced errors and lower costs.  With over 400 technology providers in the marketplace, how do you know which provider is best for you?  It is our goal to help you identify your needs and select the best solution.

We are independent – our team is not tied to any provider – so if you have existing technology, we will first help you identify ways to make it work more effectively. If that doesn’t work, we will guide you through the process of selecting a new solution, perform a needs assessment, prepare an RFP, evaluate the proposals, help you select the right provider, negotiate the contract and manage the implementation of the new system.

Our technology services include the following:

  • Review your existing HR technology configuration to ensure compliance with health care reform.
  • Review current HR technologies and workflows to ascertain efficiencies and gaps to maximize existing products.
  • Review current HR technology pricing to ensure market competitiveness.
  • Conduct calls with your current technology providers to assist with any processing concerns or problems.
  • Assist with selecting the right HR technology for payroll, time keeping, HRIS, benefits administration, performance management, recruitment/applicant tracking, onboarding, and more.  We will draft, manage and oversee the RFP selection process for a new provider.
  • Oversee the implementation and ongoing support of any technology solution selected.
  • Provide custom videos to communicate benefits, HR policies, onboarding procedures, etc. to your employees.

We recognize that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to technology solutions. The demand for integrated HR, benefits and payroll technologies and services is growing tremendously. The concept of a single “web-based” platform to accomplish all of this and help HR with compliance issues is what employers are looking for. The correct choice requires careful analysis of your needs and objectives. We provide access to technology industry leaders and expertise when it comes to identifying those needs and matching the right technology solution to the situation. Let us help improve or source technology solutions to free up your time to work on more strategic issues while providing you a differentiating edge over your competitors.