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HR Technology: The Future Is Here

That was the title of the message from SHRM CEO Henry Jackson in the October 2015 publication of HR Magazine. The main message is SHRM has anticipated many impacts on HR from technology advances and now that future is upon us; Smart phones, cloud computing, employee self-service. These and others have spawned new and growing software applications for HR - ways to automate, improve and speed up a variety of HR processes.

“According to a SHRM Foundation Report, HR is increasingly more tech-based because of the business need to streamline processes, reduce administrative and compliance costs, provide real-time metrics and more.  Research has shown that HR Technology, done right, provides a clear competitive advantage in business.” 

Previously, I had blogged that almost a billion dollars in venture capital money is pouring into the HR software market this year alone.  Also, our SHRM CEO mentions that it’s predicted that many organization will be in the market for technology to “... integrate with or replace existing HR management systems, make data-based talent recommendations, and improve service delivery to employees.”

Advances in technology, reductions in pricing and market forces are all aligning to confirm what Stephen Jackson states…the future of HR Technology has arrived.