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Getting Your HR Ducks in a Row

I was reading a white paper this morning that was published by one of our HR Technology partners.  It caught my eye because it discussed a subject that I have a lot of respect for as a strategic management tool and, in this white paper, connected that concept with the systematic need for a business to have robust, responsive Human Resource Information System (HRIS) report capabilities.  The strategic business concept that was referenced was in essence Kaplan and Norton’s basic alignment of capital to strategic outcomes.  This concept of alignment to strategic outcomes is an essential element of the “Balanced Scorecard” and the “Strategy Mapping” tools described by Kaplan and Norton.  The jist of this article came down to the need for HRIS to provide timely, relevant reporting in response to operational needs for items like turnover cost, hiring cost, productivity ratios by team or department, performance ratings by segment, training activities, certification or licensing status, … and it goes on.  The question, of course, is whether a company of any size can afford to be without this analytic capability provided by a fully integrated and automated payroll, HRIS, HR management, and HR reporting system in this day and age of low cost, highly responsive technology for HR management.  What do you think?