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Five Ways Technology is Making HR’s Life Easier

Technology is everywhere.  Social media, mobile phones, ATM machines, self-checkout, fit-bits, high-tech cars.  How is HR benefiting in the workplace?  The Forbes Magazine Human Resources Council recently reported numerous ways.  Here are a few:

Paper Goes Digital

Remember in the HR Office that back room full of file cabinets?  Not anymore.  Paper files are being digitized in numerous ways and stored electronically by employers.  More documents are being converted to an electronic format with ability to legally “sign” and authorize electronically.  Skip the paper forms with manual data input and enter the data first time into an information system, database or electronic form.

Social Media Connects Us

Social media has invaded the workplace.  It’s not uncommon for companies to use their own Facebook page and encourage employees to share.  Snapchat allows workers to quickly share with others in a fun and easy way.  This will only spread and grow as social media becomes the norm.

Interviewing is Quicker and Easier

Scheduling onsite interviews and related logistics can be extremely time-consuming; And extremely frustrating when you quickly learn the candidate is not a right fit in the first of several scheduled interviews.  Pre-screening has now gone way beyond telephone interviewing.  Skype and other video services allow direct face-to-face interchange and a more informative interview.

The Shrinking World

It started with video conferencing and moved to the internet with numerous ways to chat, meet and be in touch wherever you are.  We can communicate with employees almost anywhere in the world.  And companies often have offices in many places across the globe.  With English as the common language of international business, staying in touch with colleagues and customers from all over the world is possible because these communications are now affordable, convenient and powered by new technologies.

All of these factors are ways technological advances continue to shape the world of Human Resources and actually make doing HR work easier and more effective.