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Employee Work-from-Home Guide: Best Practices: Page 3 of 3

with and in an effort to meet the needs of the business.


A big challenge for new remote workers is adjusting to feelings of isolation. Make concerted efforts to use videoconferencing for "drop in" hours with team members to encourage online connectedness and help stimulate team brainstorming and creativity. 


Telecommuting is not a viable option for every employee. If you find that working from home is negatively impacting your productivity or making you feel disconnected from your team and your work, speak to your manager. Don’t wait until you have fallen behind in your work.


Is your team suddenly working remotely as a result of the coronavirus outbreak? Do you have a policy or procedures in place? Are you interested in connecting with a consultant to discuss best practices? For remote expertise and assistance, please email Karin Tierney , or 802-391-0445 to discuss a consulting engagement.