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Employee Navigator - All-in-one Benefits Administration Software

The technology team at Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence is happy to announce a newly formed partnership with Employee Navigator as the preferred benefits administration and enrollment platform of choice for our clients.  The recent experience with the pandemic and working virtually forced many organizations to digitize HR tasks quickly, including benefits enrollment, which was a key factor in our decision-making.  After careful consideration of the market, it became obvious to the H&B team that Employee Navigator would be the best fit and most economical benefits platform for several reasons.  Among those reasons are the following:

Accuracy improves when employers digitize benefits administration:

  • If an employer is managing paper or manual enrollment, the employer is a risk due to human error.
  • Paper and/or manual enrollment can lend to complications when reconciling the billing from carriers.

Compliance improves when employers digitize benefits administration:

  • You have easy access and proof regarding when coverage was elected or waived
  • With Employee Navigator employers can store the company handbook and other similar documents with the ability to have employees approve and review such documents via electronic signature
  • You greatly reduce risk of employee not having coverage that they elected properly, or perhaps thought they elected

Employees enjoy the advantages of digitized benefits administration:

  • With Employee Navigator, employees can compare benefit options side-by-side when electing benefits
  • The employee can have vision of previous or current elections as a point of reference, versus contacting HR
  • Electronic is often the preferred method of document delivery now for most employees

In addition, the platform can deliver decision support to help employees make smarter and more informed benefit selections, employee asset tracking, an employee directory, employee self-service, ACA reporting, and simple PTO tracking to assist in the areas of onboarding and compliance.

This new partnership with Employee Navigator also allows us to deliver an increased level of support to a much wider range of employers when considering the following:

  • H&B will have full access and control of the platform, giving you another administrative resource at a fraction of the cost of hiring one.  With the focus of our resources on one main platform for our clients, we can leverage the efficiency and expertise gained to the advantage of our clients.
  • Our smaller clients that traditionally are not eligible for electronic data feeds to carriers, can now enjoy this automation and accuracy, as Employee Navigator has integration or status to file electronically with several carriers, regardless of the size of your organization.
  • Employee Navigator has integration with more HCM/Payroll providers than other benefits administration platforms, giving your organization the ability to maintain an integrated HR tech ecosystem with the flexibility to change providers.

Please remember that we continue to stay committed to our agnostic strategy towards technology, always considering your specific needs and requirements, your benefits strategy, and your HR technology ecosystem.  However, if you happen to leverage our technology team when evaluating any HR technology, or when issuing an RFP, we will ensure that you know which providers have integration to Employee Navigator, as that list continues to grow. 

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