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Big HR Data

First of all I want to give complete credit for this Blog post to Harvard Business Review and in particular to their HBR Blog Network article addressing Human Resource Analytics (which can be found in its entirety at http://blogs.hbr.org/2013/12/change-your-company-with-better-hr-analytics/).  I definitely am not going to review or regurgitate that article here but I am going to take the opportunity to highlight a couple of what I think are the “key” take-away’s from it.   Those are the terms “relevant”, “valid”, “compelling” and “transformative”.  Each of these terms was used in the article to describe attributes of strong data analytics and in this context specifically HR analytics that would or should be provided to the organization for use in strategic decision-making.   Human Resource (or Human Capital if you prefer) Management requires a robust, responsive, complete, timely, financially indexed source of “big data’ from which to develop relevant, valid, compelling, and transformative management information.  How do you provide for it in your organization?