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The Benefits and Future of Software-as-a-Service

The technology world has had huge changes since the year 2000.  Applications and uses for personal computers and the internet have exploded.  This has created opportunities for HR to use technologies in ways that never existed before.  And the complexity and cost of technology has dramatically decreased so much so that small employers can now get access to much sophisticated technology that previously they only dreamed of. 

As I noted in my last blog, a huge part of the SaaS value is it requires only about one third of the staff to implement and support it versus software installed on the premises.  This is a huge strategic shift for HR.  You no longer need to rely on in-house IT experts.  What is mostly required is the abilities to do business process design, analysis and implementation – not programming, support and maintenance of hardware and software systems.

SaaS is here to stay and firmly planted.  In the next few years, it will become the dominant approach for most companies, large and small.  This will be where most of the action is over the next few years with many products, vendors and implementations.  On the horizon, employees are expecting to have access to everything through their smartphone.  Soon to come will be the mobile applications to make that the next wave of change.  For now, we have a lot of work to do to bring SaaS advantages to HR.