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3 Myths About HRIS for Small Businesses

Are you responsible for HR in a small business?  When profit margins are tight, an HRIS might be the last thing on your mind.  However, markets have changed and there are now many new, viable solutions available to small employers.

  1. An HRIS Is Too Expensive

Ten years ago, implementing an HRIS was considered a major investment in time, money and effort only reserved for large employers.  Cost included software licensing fees and consultants required to implement. However, today there are a wide range of HRIS choices for small businesses, from the ‘basic’ and ‘minimal’ HRIS options through to full-service applications. Not only do these options cost as low as $3 per employee per month, there are more options than ever resulting in increased vendor price competition.

  1. All HR Technology Requires IT Staff

Do you remember a time when an HRIS was a black box of mystery, understood only by the IT team who controlled all aspects of its use? The current generation of HRIS for small businesses offers more flexibility.  And the leading approach is software-as-a-service that requires no in-house technology expertise.  Instead, the software is on the internet and IT support comes from the vendor as part of their pricing.

  1. We're Not Big Enough to Need an HRIS

Years ago, an HRIS was built for the needs of only large organizations.  Taking lessons from the experiences of large companies, HRIS vendors now take their products down to companies as small as 50 employees replacing spreadsheets and paperwork of required HR data with electronic, web-based software accessible by all.  The efficiencies gained allow HR to focus on more strategic activities such as talent management and recruiting. 

Bottom line , HRIS products and markets have changed.  Small to mid-size employers are now sought after and catered to by vendors that once were only interested in large employers.  The time has come.  Why wait?  Automate.


Adapted from HRIS World article by Heather Batyski